98lb. Weakling is the next rock band to take LA by storm. The brain-child of singer, rhythm guitarist Eric F. , the group is a result of friends and musicians jamming and collaborating which lead to recording and touring. The band, consists of drummer Chris, bassist Nate and Joerg from the multi-platinum selling group Lifehouse. The group's debut, a 2003 self-titled EP release heralded critical acclaim. The group has toured nationally and appeared on countless radio and TV stations across the country.

To follow up on their initial success, 98 LB. Weakling entered the studio with producer and multi-instrumentalist Urban Olsen to lay the tracks that would be selected for television and feature film licensing as well as 3 exclusive online EP's titled Berlin, London and New York. The group's first single, Live Forever, has been selected by the Discovery Network as the theme to their upcoming series The Gym which will also feature members of the band and other recordings throughout the show. Live Forever has also been selected by iTunes and Cingular Wireless to be featured in as promotional content at over 2500 Cingular Wireless stores in association with the new iTunes mobile phone.



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