Spring 2008

The band completes its major recording and begins the selection process of songs for their upcoming release. The band competes in SoCal Music Live and takes home the coveted award for fan favorite - 2008. The band charges in the studio and records a theme song for their favorite new fitness device, the Burn Machine. 98lb. guitarist, Joerg, writes a riff so huge for the project that it can barely be contained in a normal Ipod. The 98lb.ers also ready themselves for a mid May video shoot for their new hit, BLUEJEANS. Check back for upcoming shows featuring new songs...



Massive recording and touring nonstop. Benefit show Christmas Day at the Midnight Mission downtown LA.


Summer 2006

The band is currently busy in the studio recording new music with a distinctly Americana feel. Using mostly acoustic instruments, producer Urban Olsson is bringing a feel to the band's new music reminiscent of the mid seventies super groups. "The Architect" will be in theaters this fall, featuring five of the band's songs in the film. The band is performing a special acoustic set at the Viper Room in LA on Sunday, July 30th at 10pm.


July 2005

98 lb. Weakling headlined the July 17th ETT Festival of Strength, a charity event which raised money for JAWS -- Jr. Athletes Wheelchair Sports. The day was a huge success, with large crowds cheering the band on as they played through a set list of fan faves. The performance was televised by Fit TV, and will play as part of their new dramatic series, The Gym. Air date looks to be mid October. The guys finished a recording session recently that yeilded three new songs including "Live Forever", "The Gym", and "Angelyne". These and other new compositions will be used as exclusives in future record promotion. Early to mid August will be spent traveling on personal vacations as the band readies for a busy fall schedule.


May/June 2005

What a busy time for those 98 lb. Weaklings! The guys played phenomenal shows in San Diego, Thousand Oaks, and Venice Beach, wowing crowds with their rockin' sounds. The band has never sounded better with Nate on bass, Chris on drums, Joerg punishing his lead guitar, and Eric on vocals. The guys signed a deal with Sovereign Artists, a Santa Monica based label with an eclectic roster of cool artists. This insures that the world will soon be singing all the songs from ICONS ARE FROM YESTERDAY, the band's terrific new LP. The band is charging back in to the studio in early June with mega-producer Urban Olsson to record six new tracks which will be used by the label as exclusives for iTunes, Napster, and other online venues. Then it's back on the road for shows and TV appearances throughout Texas and Nevada. Check back for dates and times -- and rock on!


April 2005

The guys are headed to the big apple, NYC, for the opening of their film, The Great New Wonderful. The movie boasts an all-star cast, including a cameo by 98 lb. Weakling singer, Eric. It will open as part of the Tribecca Film Fest, a gathering of cinema types founded by legendary actor Robert Deniro. Then in May the boys will be doing shows in San Diego and LA, so check back for dates and times. And look for the new album, "Icons are from yesrerday..." in stores May 1st..


March 2005

The band's new, full length CD is currently in production and will be ready in just a few weeks. It is titled ICONS ARE FROM YESTERDAY, and features 98 lb Weakling at the height of its musical powers. Be sure to check back for preorder information and store locations where the new album will be available.

Eric and Joerg have just returned from an acoustic media tour of the south, and they're totally exhausted. The boys crisscrossed Alabama playing songs off the new record and doing interviews on television, radio, and in print. "It was a blast," says Joerg. "The people down south are so friendly. I had heard about their famous hospitality, but to experience it first hand was incredible. I can't wait to go back." While in Alabama, the duo visited the NASA Space and Rocket Center, ate cheese grits, and attended a PRRC Rodeo. "We loved Alabama," Eric added. "We're going back there after the new CD comes out. It was beautiful down there." Photos of the trip and media news bites will be posted on the site soon, so check it out.


Feb 2005

The band is currently mastering their recently completed CD. Its working title is "Icons are from yesterday". The latest effort will boast 13 new tracks, including some fan faves and rarely heard tunes.

The band leaves March 8th for a southern swing, promoting the newest music from 98 lb. weakling. Already enjoying some airplay on Alabama's coolest rock stations, the band plans to win over new fans with all of the southern California swagger they can muster. If you're in that area, check local listings for dates and times of appearances.


Jan 2005

The band is gearing up for a midwest promotional tour that will include stops in Oklahoma and Missouri. These Weaklings are excited to return to that part of America because last time around they received all kinds of special treatment. This time around the music will be presented in an acoustic setting, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates.

The band is putting the finishing touches on their new, full length CD. Street date is March 15th, but check out recent shows to hear the killer new tunes. Some titles include "American Jew" and "Lazyhead".

New merch will soon be available in the online store and at shows. The most popular new items are Von Dutch style trucker hats and form-fitting girl shirts.


Oct 2004

The band will appear on NBC's early morning program Fri. Nov. 12rh, playing an acoustic version of "The Great New Wonderful" promoting both the movie soundtrack and the upcoming full length 98 lb. Weakling record.

The band is writing songs for the upcoming film "All Fall Down" which will be shot in Chicago in the Spring of 2005.

Just recorded a new song in October with Herb Peterson, a world renowned banjo and dulcimer player. Herb currently plays with the Laurel Canyon Ramblers and the Byrds. Look for the new song on our upcoming album!


June 2004
The band is currently recording seven new songs with Urban Olsson in his Matrix Studios in Marina Del Rey.

The band is currently filming a DVD for the Israeli-based Wave Corp. "How to record a rock band" will feature a new song, "Call me Crazy" and will detail the recording process with a team of elite recording engineers. Several new films will feature the band's music, bringing new awareness to 98 lb. Weakling.

The band is preparing for its July 4th Venice Beach show.

Several dance remixes have been done from the band"s Takedown! The Takedown CD will aslo be used for upcoming fitness projects.

The band's CDBrickhouse agreement will allow fans around the globe to enjoy the band's merchindise.

The band continues its promotional efforts with Borders. Acoustic, instore performances occur nearly twice a month at area stores. Check out the tours section for dates and times.


Feb. 2004
The band completes recording new material, and looks towards March for the chance to play high energy shows across the country. Already the new songs are in consideration for sound tracks and promo spots. Merchandising has also been kicked into full gear, and the new, bright orange 98 lb. Weakling t-shirt has been spotted at hot spots around Hollywood.


Jan. 2004
98 lb. Weakling happily announces the addition of Jamie on bass. They wish Matthew the best of luck in his screen writing endeavors, and know that he'll remain a loyal friend of the band. The newest band member is originally from Boston, and already this four-stringed maniac is ready to meld to drummer Chris's thunderous roar.



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